Earrings are where it’s at

Earrings are undoubtedly the most popular accessory in the jewelry industry today. An article by JCK explains how Kaali Designs has expanded beyond its usual rings-only collections and has dived into the world of fashionable ear-wear. Kaali Designs has something for everyone in this collection from a dangling, subtle look to an eye-catching gold hoop. Founder Dodhia is very excited to debut this collection as he says:

“For me, I think it represents a maturing of me as a designer and venturing beyond my comfort zone,” says Anit Dodhia, Kaali’s founder and designer, when I ask why he decided to introduce more earrings. “With earrings, there are so many more design options—and movement!”

Don’t miss out on these unique, East-Africa inspired pieces and read the full article to find out more!